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Wah Lee - the perfect Chinese Emporium

I absolutely adore going to this shop. As soon as you open the door and the jingle of the bells announce your arrival, you instantly feel uplifted.

I've been going to Wah Lee for years and I have to say,

it hasn't changed one bit in all that time.

I always expect to see 'dragons foot' in a jar, it's that kind of a shop.

It has an ancient and well established feel to it.

I go to Wah Lee for my speciality paper, joss paper and on occasion, silk and organza.

I don't know what the paper is called, but it's very delicate.

You can see what it looks like to the right.

And then some similar paper I've dyed to the left.

And here's the result of the dyed organza.

Technically, I could be in and out in minutes once I've got my stash of items.

But who can resist looking when you see interesting items such as these!!

Buddha anyone??

Or China type cymbals?

You never know when you might need them....

Seriously though, if you're ever in Auckland,

this shop is well worth a visit!!

220 Hobson Street, Auckland CBD.

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