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Book Camp New Zealand 2023

Book Camps have become a highlight of my creative calendar.

From the humble beginnings of Camp Book NZ what an adventure we've been on!!

There is Book Camp Online, Book Camp NZ and Book Camp Australia!

Our theme for Book Camps this year (and Book Camp Australia 2024) is:

Vintage Funfair

You always know you're at book camp when you see this sign!

And then this one!!

I bring a LOT of materials and equipment...

I'm ever so grateful for all the help I have to set up for Book Camp.

As you can see, it doesn't stay like that for long!

Once the campers arrive it quickly looks like this!!

The venue, Bella Rahka,

is set in 32 acres of park-like grounds.

It is LUSH!

And one of the advantages of being at Book Camp

is taking leisurely walks around the extensive grounds.

It has such a calming effect on you.

You can pop out and breathe in the air

before getting stuck back into a tonne of creating!


Contrary to popular belief,

the campers do sleep at night!!

Only so they can go on optional early morning visits to iconic Piha Beach.

And witness the extraordinary power of the ocean

at the part of the beach known as 'The Gap'.

It's then back to the classroom feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Where we create to our hearts content

until our chef from Vevo delivers our freshly baked lunches and dinners.

Even though the campers were busy with our theme, they still found time to create some scrumptious books for my flag (Free Little Art Gallery) that sits outside my studio.

There's so much that happens at Book Camp that is precious,

personal and just plain beautiful.

The connections, the conversations, the sharing of ideas/resources and knowledge.

It's never about me teaching,

but a group of people coming together to have a collective experience.

And before we know it,

it's time to pack up and go home.

Our hearts full of joy, our creative tanks topped to the brim!

New friendships and wonderful creations.

And last but by no means least......

I just want to acknowledge the help and support of Cath,

fondly referred to as:

Camp Mother.

Thank you!

You are flipping awesome!!


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