SHOP. Till you drop.

I can't quite believe I let my 'shop' which is in truth, three shelves in the corner of my studio, fall in to such a rumbled heap.

I got an email recently from Rachel Lewis from She Owns it and quite frankly, it was the kick up the bum I needed. Sorry, but let's not dilly dally around the truth here.

So I looked at my shop with horror after I read the article on her blog which told us: Do this to get a BIG result from your small social media following. But instead of berating myself I rolled up my sleeves, put my big girl painting pants on, grabbed an apron and got busy.

The first thing I did (after taking everything off the shelves) was to create a blackboard backdrop. My stock changes a lot, depending on what themes I'm working with.

Having a blackboard backdrop means I can update easily and it looks funky.

The results have blown me away! And all it took really was a litre of blackboard paint (which I already had in). HINT: When you're working with blackboard paint, once it's dry, be sure to prime your blackboard before using for best results.

As you can see, I even put blackboard paint on the edge of the shelves and on the shelves themselves.

I think (if I say so myself), I've made it obvious now just what I'm selling!!

So now, when I run classes, people won't ask if I sell kits or books, they'll see that I do! And you can too if you go here.

So a huge thanks to Rachel for her helpful article!! I'm paying it forwards by telling you about it in the hope it'll be helpful to you too.

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