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The Australian Collection

I've just arrived home from a magical adventure to the stunning seaside town of Queenscliff.

I was quite unprepared for the strong sense of belonging I'd feel when I visited for the first time.

But let's rewind a tad, to where the idea for this adventure started.

After tutoring at Fibre Arts Australia in 2017 and connecting with an amazing group of women, there was casual talk about me visiting again to run my own workshop.

This year I've been chanting the mantra: MAKE IT HAPPEN OR MOVE ON. It was time to visit some projects and action them. Or simply let go of the idea and move on.

Teaching in Australia was one of the projects I really wanted to make happen. So I began to take steps to make it a reality.

I initially looked at Melbourne as a starting point, but I'm so glad Jenny stepped in and suggested Queenscliff as a venue. It's not somewhere I'd have ever discovered without a local guiding me.

Thanks to Jenny's involvement in the local footy club, we were able to use their club rooms. When she sent the first photo through of the view, I thought I was dreaming.

The dates were set.

The venue was locked in.

Accomodation sorted.

The flight booked.

Then the call out for students came next.

I advertised it as The Australian Collection Workshop.

The brief was to create 9 small books in 4 days to fit into a small shelf (the shelves, handmade by me were optional).

I had 11 exceptionally lovely, creative women book into the workshop. Each one had something wonderful to offer to the workshop.

And oh boy, did those Aussie women exceed my expectations!

Before I showcase some of the work let me give you a little glimpse into Queenscliff the seaside town that I walked around each morning.

I marvelled at the quaint cottage type homes.

I almost cried watching the sun rise whilst standing on golden sands.

I drank my morning coffee at a charming cafe (that used to be an old grocery store).

It was a treat to watch the books take shape each day from plain paper being dyed...

hand dyed paper

......glorious artistic messes on tables....

Queenscliff by book art studios

....watching collections start to take shape....

To the masterpiece collections...

the australian collection book art studios

hand dyed paper book art studios

Want to see more shots?

Some of the women who attended have their own creative businesses or share their work on social media.

Go here to see:

Christine from Margie & Bert

Gail from Hands on Paper

A special thanks to Kerrie for all the delicious food she baked for us each day. I was transported to a whole other level of deliciousness!

I'll be back next year! If you're keen to stay updated and think you might like to join us, email me.

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