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A snapshop of some of my most recent work

I'm thrilled beyond words that my books are flying off the shelves and around the world. I've sent numerous books to places such as: the UK, Canada, Europe, China, USA, Australia, Thailand and all around New Zealand.

Yes, I have a gallery on my website but I thought I'd just showcase some of my most recent work and especially as my phone told me it didn't have anymore room!!!

The calico covered journals have proven to be a massive hit.

I loved working with colours I'm not normally drawn to.

I'm not a hand sewer 'by trade' but I really enjoyed sitting quietly

and roughly stitching these gorgeous pouches.

Each one was quite unique.

This one had a hole in the back to showcase the cover.

Calico (or muslin as it's known in some countries) dyes beautifully

and then I do some other stuff with it!

It worked really well on a set of 3 coptic books I made which sold

almost as soon as they went live in my shop!

Each one had its own personality

I would have liked to have hung out with them for a bit longer.

Paper still is, and will always be, my first love

And I don't think I'll ever tire of dyeing paper

Add to that a simple straight stitch and it's a match made in heaven

Each book I create is a one off, even if it's part of a set.

Pages such as these are pure eye candy.

I teach people how to dye paper like this!

There's usually a dyed and gone to heaven class up in my shop.

Every now and then one out of the box appears

and I know it's destined for a good life such as this one.

This beauty lasted approximately 6 minutes in my shop

and had two people trying to buy it at the same time!

The indigo book: inside

Back cover

I especially enjoyed putting small details into this book

Who doesn't love some dyed exercise book paper?

Finally - the sentinel collection and I have got a story for you about one of these books.

Meet Mumma Bear

The morning this collection landed in my shop, I did a live post (as advertised) on Instagram at 7am NZTIME. Three of them sold as I was still chatting on Instagram and one soon afterwards. I was a bit perplexed as to why Mumma Bear hadn't sold (as I have a collector who likes to buy sets of my books) but then I got busy with some work. It wasn't until 9am NZTIME I realised the reason it hadn't sold was I'd accidentally deleted Mumma Bear from my shop!

I hastily put her back in, only for her to be snapped up shortly afterwards by someone in Australia. She messaged me to say she couldn't believe it was still in the shop and had to have it as soon as she saw it as everyone in the family called her (you've guessed it) Mumma Bear!

When I initially put the books into my shop, given the time difference, it was only 4am in Australia - so if I hadn't accidentally deleted it - she wouldn't have had a look in! But Australia had woken up by the time I realised my mistake and put it back in the shop.

I absolutely love this story and it's very indicative of how my books work.

If you want to see what's currently in my shop, you can take a peek here.

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