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All Birthday adventures have to come to an end at some point...or do they?

A few years ago, I was visiting a friends house who at the time had a handful of young children milling about. The house was chaotic, warm, welcoming and the:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner hanging over the fireplace gave it a celebratory feeling.

I asked who was celebrating a birthday.

"Oh, no one." he replied, "But it will be at some point, so we just leave it up all the time!"

This made me laugh so much and I thought of that interaction when I decided to celebrate my birthday all March long. To be fair, it's also my daughters birthday month and Book Art Studios (who turned sweet 16 this year). Here's a little snapshot of the end of the month when I went on an adventure to The Wairarapa an area of New Zealand I haven't really explored very much.

I'll start with the birthday day....who wouldn't want a woollen mermaid tail for their birthday? It's every artists dream, right? How funny I never knew I wanted one until my sister presented me with this...

Luckily, I wasn't required to wear it out on our adventures.

I persuaded Jo to take part in a mad game of sister snap which we broadcasted LIVE on Instagram. It's a whole lot of laughing and silly nonsense but we had fun.

The weather was pretty windy and rainy on my birthday,

but it didn't stop me from taking a little walk around the neighbourhood.

The farmland neighbourhood is vastly different to my suburban one.

This city girl was really taken with the colours of the landscape.

Not to mention delighted by the discovery of fairy houses (toadstools).

I do love a long driveway, it reminds me of the time I lived in the cottage on the cliff.

When the sun came out and put its hat on a few days later,

we went off on an adventure to Castlepoint.

I did enjoy being a passenger I have to say!

OH the light was just so beautiful.

I cannot begin to tell you how windy it was when we arrived.

So we ended up eating our ice-creams in the car (you can take the girls out of Manchester but you can't take the Manchester out of the girls).

The view was stunning and my heart sung at seeing the lighthouse.

My last night in The Wairapara also included ice-cream.

And wine.

While we watched a fantastic film at a gorgeous local boutique cinema.

Spotted in Masterton was a superb shoe shop.

What a find, as traditionally, shoes in New Zealand are pretty rubbish.

Therefore, Evie May shoes are a rare find.

I'll be back to savour this shop and buy me a pair of unique shoes for sure!

And then just like that it was time to head back along Wellington Harbour to the airport, homeward bound.

In Wellington, houses are perched on hilltops all over the place!

I arrived home to a vegetable garden gone wild!

Luckily pumpkins are my favourite vegetable.

The next morning I enjoyed an early morning beach walk at one of my favourite spots and reflected on the wonderful trip away.


"Turn your face towards the sun,

and the shadows will fall behind you."


Walt Whitman

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4 則留言

Birthday Adventures filled with love and laughter are the best!

Liz Constable
Liz Constable

Aren't they just!!!


So joyful and fun.

Liz Constable
Liz Constable

It was and all the better for seeing you on the adventure too! x

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