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Artsy Meetup Marathon 2022

Last year, I was invited to take part in a wild idea by bookbinder, poet, printmaker, & life alchemist, Kiala Givehand. She'd had the thought to bring the New Year in with a group of guest artists and students via a zoom classroom over a 23 hour period!

It was a bold idea but you know what,

Kiala pulled it off superbly!

It was so good, she's decided to do it again this year.

And, I'm so excited to have been asked back as a guest artist.

So what exactly does it entail?

STARTS: 10AM Central Time December 31st 2022

ENDS: 9AM Central Time January 1st 2023.

Every 30 minutes or so there will be a new lesson, tutorial, or demonstration. EVERYTHING will be recorded and available for 23 days after the event (or you can upgrade to get access for the year + a private group on Mighty Network + replays from 2022 & 2023's Marathon + additional content for 2023 to keep your creative juices flowing).


Kiala says, "It's gonna be a wild and crazy time. You don't have to be on for the entire 23 hours, just show up when you can and create. The schedule is live and we've already got a BUNCH of y'all signing up. WOOHOOO!!! I can't wait to share creative space with you all. Start resting now!!!"


There's a great line up of Guest Artists.....

Let's start 2023 as we mean to carry on....having fun and creating!

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