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Cabinet Makeover

I was so excited to get back into my hobby - woodworking, after being in hibernation for a few weeks. I was almost going to sell this cabinet as I couldn't quite find the right place for it, when I decided to treat it to a makeover instead.

The first task was to take off the dark blackboard panels which of course opened up the whole cabinet.

After giving it a quick sand with a heavy sander (that gives you a workout at the same time) I glued the wonky door and clamped it.

After cutting the chicken wire to size and spraying it with matt black spray paint, I attached it to the cabinet with my favourite power tool, the nail gun (that had U shape nails in).

I didn't even think about which way was the right way on the other side. So it wasn't until the chicken wire was nailed on that I realised the black spray painted side was facing inside the cabinet!

But as with my books, I'm learning that projects evolve and take on a life of their own!

Then, I accidentally put the door back on inside out, which means the wire's on the inside! But as it turns out, it made it easier to attach the new (old) lock.

I posted this photograph on my instagram page!

I officially LOVE this piece of furniture that's now nestled in my studio. Finally, my towel collection has a proper home, and I can see clearly what's in the cabinet.

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