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Custom made drying rack made - by me!

I began woodworking classes to introduce a hobby into my life - but of course, it wasn't long before I realised how I could use my newly founded skills in the studio.

I've wanted a better solution for drying paper for AGES - so I made a custom made drying unit to fit in a space under a bench.

The internet's a great place to start to source images for a project.

It made it much easier for me to explain to my woodworking teacher, Mr G what it was that I was after.

I'm loving learning more about power tools and how to use them. The electric planer was a godsend when I didn't quite get my wood 'flush' as it needed to be!

'Big Bertha' as she's fondly known in the Shed, did a great job of sanding the unit pieces once we'd measured and cut them out (like a kit set).

This unit was put together so quickly I didn't really get chance to take any more in between photos!

But it was a relatively easy process once we had the plans and the kitset all cut out.

The sliders took the most time to put together. I used mesh from a hardware shop (attached with a staple gun) to cover the sliders. The air can get through easily now when I've got paper in the drying rack.

I had some rustic red paint in my studio so I added some colour to the frame and I have to say, was pretty happy with the results!


And just like that! I had a drying rack that when I tried it out, was pretty impressed at just how much it could fit in!

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What kind of mesh did you use? I have an old cupboard outside my studio rooms which has some junk in it, but mostly air because there are no shelves, just a rod and 2 wire baskets - and now I'm thinking the junk can go live with the other junk in the loft and I'll make drying shelves all the way instead. Much easier than hauling out clothes pins and wobbly racks.

Liz Constable
Liz Constable

Oh I'm so sorry Pia! I've only just discovered your comment. I used the kind of mesh that you put over windows to stop insects. I just got a few metres of it from my local hardware shop. Good luck! Liz

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