Dyed and Gone to Heaven is now available as an Online Class!

I remember the day I met my first piece of dyed paper.

A student of mine, Allison, had just come back from a trip to Marrakesh and was creating a beautiful book to reflect all the amazing colours she'd experienced.

She arrived with the papers dyed in yellows and oranges and I was captivated.

I'd been feeling really frustrated at not being able to find paper I loved to work with for handmade made books. I found the commercially made papers so boring! I knew there was something out there I just couldn't find it.

I raced off to buy the dyes Allison recommended and set about experimenting.

The rest as they say, is history.

That was about 10 years ago!

To say I love dyeing paper is an understatement. I love that it provides my books with a unique look, tempting people to peek inside and enjoy a bit of eye candy.

The technique has evolved over the years with constant discoveries during classes and my own personal experimentation.

I've run classes around New Zealand and in some parts of Australia. I'm keen to run one in Manchester next. Fingers crossed it will be March 2021.

I'm so grateful that all my students have kept the actual technique itself a secret, as far as I know, no one's blogged about it or run classes. In this day and age where everyone wants everything now and for free, it's really refreshing to be able to provide the world with a little mystery and intrigue.

I can't imagine my life without dyed pages for books. I think I would have quite simply quit if it wasn't for the stunning colours.

Over time, the technique has been used on cards, gift tags, envelopes. If I can dye it, I will.

And now, after years of people asking, I'm running Dyed and Gone to Heaven Online. I'm so excited to be sharing this technique with the world.

It's still for personal use only, and I'm still asking people not to share the actual in and outs of how it works online or with people who have not paid to attend a class, but I'm excited to be reaching a larger audience.

The first class sold out within 24 hours!

But don't worry, there are three other classes coming up.

Do you want $5 off the class?? Then sign up to my newsletter HERE, then email me for the code.

OR just GO HERE TO BOOK IN straight away if you can't wait!

The first four classes will be live. You can create along with me and the other students or you can watch and take notes. A full materials list will be emailed out to you when you book.

And just when you thought that was that....but wait! There's MORE!

There is a second part to this amazing technique:

I Dyed. Again.

But my excitement is making me get ahead of myself!

Let us enjoy part one first!

If you love to dye paper and want to learn a different way of interacting with it to produce unique pages for art journals, artists books, gift tags, cards, handmade books....then take a peek at the classes and get booking in today!

I'd love to have your company.

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