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Dyed & Gone to Heaven: The Book.

Answers to commonly asked questions

Can you imagine experimenting, exploring, delving into a glorious technique over ten years, then writing a book about it?

This is what I did. I think I always knew there would be a book in the pipeline for Dyed & Gone to Heaven at some point. It's a wonderful feeling when you achieve the goal, and one day you're standing holding the book in your hands, knowing how much time, blood, sweat, tears, pitfalls, meetings and pure energy has gone into it.

After the initial flurry of excitement and books flying out the door comes the inevitable droop as you begin the work to reach the next level of interested readers. Those who don't know you so well (friends of friends who have raved about you and your work) or have yet to discover you. It's a full time job in itself on top of three full time jobs (artist/teacher/author).

OR. Those who baulk at the price of shipping to post out of New Zealand.

Here comes the elephant crashing into the room, so let's address it.....

Small businesses cannot compete with big businesses that offer free or reduced shipping. And many of these big businesses have conditioned their customers to expect free or reduced shipping without realising a small business cannot operate in the same way.

I've received so many emails/messages regards the shipping that I felt the need to write this blog. So from now on, I can direct people to it.

Commonly asked questions:

QUESTION: Why is shipping so expensive in New Zealand?

ANSWER: We're at the end of the world. Flying in and out of New Zealand is expensive. We don't have as many planes coming here (not like Europe!). New Zealand is an expensive country to live in as most items have to travel a long way to get here. I don't set the shipping price, the shipping company does. Plus, I've shopped around to get the best deal.

QUESTION: I hear you're travelling to (insert country) can you please bring some books and post them from there so I save money on shipping?

ANSWER: The simple answer is, No.

I have a shipping process that involves tracking the parcels. If one were to go missing, my shipping company investigates. Everything is labelled and wrapped in my office. If I post by hand I can't use my label machine, so I have to do extra work to create a label. Then I have to find a post office, stand in the queue and if the parcel goes missing I personally have to track it by which time I'll be back in New Zealand. Not to mention the extra weight having to carry the books with me to said country. At the end of the day, you're talking about saving $10 or $15 NZ and creating a lot of extra work for me.

QUESTION: Do you sell on Amazon?

ANSWER: No. We tried with Re:Create. We went through the process and when the authors copy arrived in a massive bag (bent) and unwrapped it was such a disappointing experience I didn't want readers to be treated like this. The copy itself was like a poor relation. The colour had been sucked out of it, the paper felt grimy, and some of the details that makes the book 'pop' were missing.

I've come to the realisation, I'm selling more than a book/s, I'm selling an experience.

QUESTION: Do you sell your books in shops?

ANSWER: I have done. I will only sell to book shops if they buy my books outright. The other option is sale or return, which I won't do. Following up on books that haven't sold isn't the best use of my time. Plus, they've been handled by the public and sometimes can't be sold.

QUESTION: Are your books in libraries in New Zealand?

ANSWER: Yes. And if they're not, you can request one. But please note, if you really want to support an author buy their book! Once the book has been bought by the library (usually at a reduced rate). Unless the author has more than 50 copies in a library, they don't get any other income from it.

QUESTION: Have you considered getting a distributor for your books in the UK? US?

ANSWER: I'm open to this. Contact me if you are a distributor or know of one. If people are happy to receive an unwrapped, unsigned book then it could be another option. The book would have to be high quality and the company a reputable one. Please note, the more people who 'clip the ticket' the less the author gets. Just a reminder I've spent TEN YEARS experimenting, exploring and teaching this technique and that learning has gone into a book that is selling for $55NZ (plus GST).

QUESTION: Can we join the Facebook group if we buy the book? And if no, why?

ANSWER: No. The group is only for the students who have paid to attend an online class: Dyed & Gone to Heaven. People pay more to attend a live class with me and part of the class is group discussion, my input and a chance to ask me questions directly. The book is for those who want to go it alone, or have done the class and use it as a supplement/reminder.

QUESTION: When I've read your book, can I teach the technique?

ANSWER: Please don't! I'm releasing this technique into the world step by step. It's taken me years and years of experimentation to get to where I am now. If I wanted to learn how to do it, I'd want to go to the person with the most experience! In time, I might teach the teachers. But for now, the privilege of teaching this amazing technique, stays with me.

QUESTION: Can I message you if I have a question about a particular step in the book?

ANSWER: Hopefully I've done such a good job explaining it, you won't have to! But if you still can't figure it out, here's what I'd tell you EXPERIMENT and try it out for yourself first. I can't stress enough, this is a highly experimental technique. If you want a more interactive communication with me, I suggest you sign up for a dyed and gone to heaven class. This way, you can be involved in a supportive and experienced community.

If you have a question I haven't answered, please feel free to email me and I'll add it here for you to read and others to benefit from.

Meanwhile, if you have a copy of Dyed & Gone to Heaven, and are happy to promote it in some way, please email me and I'll trade you for a recording of a great demonstration of one of the projects in the book.

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