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If you're looking for a sign, here it is!

I started woodworking classes as a hobby, adamant it wouldn't become 'a business' in any way. As I already have a 'hands on' creative business, a hobby is actually quite a treat!

But when I realised I could put my new found skills to good use at Book Art Studios, I got rather excited. Recently I decided to put a sign up outside my studio so I made this a project at woodworking.

I love to recycle where I can so I was excited about using a couple of old wooden cupboard doors I had lying around.

I loved the idea of working with an interesting background. One was painted and one wasn't. I decided to stay with this.

My sister from The Design Space created some custom made stencils so I could create the sign myself. It also means, at anytime I can paint over it and start again.

Who doesn't love a good old pointy finger stencil?!!

Thanks to my woodworking teacher, Mr G who got roped into putting up the post!!

The result is a stunning and unique sign!

It hasn't shown up so well on the unpainted side, but that's ok, I'll take it down and re-do it at some stage.

But meanwhile, I created a sandwich board from scratch which I can use on a daily basis...

I love that I can make things to the exact size I want and to my own design.

Stay tuned for what is coming next....!!!

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