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Matryoshka Book Project from Re:Create by Liz Constable

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

If you own a copy of Re:Create, then you'll know about: The Matryoshka Book Project. It was inspired by a set of Matryoshka Dolls also known as nesting dolls. I did consider calling the project, The Nesting Book Project, but as I love words, the charm of Matryoshka just called to me! To be honest, I think the word Matryoshka needs to be said more often. I LOVE getting photographs of the finished projects. Be sure to scroll down to see the results of lots of different creators. If you'd like me to include yours, please email me your photographs.

I adore the simplicity of this project.

They can be created out of whatever items you might have lying around. Cereal boxes make excellent covers for example. You don't have to spend a lot of money (if any) for this project. You can also go as small as you like. I always encourage people to experiment, explore and put their own creativity into the projects.

What does this mean exactly?

Do more of what you enjoy; for example, are you a stitcher?

Then get out your favourite threads and stitch the pockets on by hand.

Do you LOVE paper? Grab your favourite papers and get folding to create the pages for the books.

When you're working with materials you love

the project will fill you up with joy

and that my friends,

is a beautiful experience.

These photographs have come all the way from Thailand, where Sylvia has kindly sent me the results of her playing.

Sylvia used some gorgeous old calendars for the covers!

And a variety of papers for inside including a child's colouring book!

Sylvia told me the tutorial was just what she needed even though she has a copy of Re:Create. I was so happy, as I always wanted to offer more support outside the book.

Next up for the show and tell is Cindy from the US:

The cover is utterly charming! I can't stress enough how much you can personalise these books by the covers you choose to use.

A peep inside with the lovely ties on the pockets and vintage papers.

What a gorgeous spread.

Next we head over to Belgium for Dorothee's version of the Matryoshka Book Project:

The colour of the covers are stunning!

I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing inside these books.

We're now in New Zealand taking a peek inside Helen's books:

I love seeing dyed paper in books.

Great use of an old calendar!

What's not to love about flowered covers. Just delicious.

A French take on the Matryoskha Book Project from Faith:

Oh la la! How adorable.

French in a Russian project. Love it!

I want to see more of the cultures blending together. This is so yummy.

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Dec 19, 2021

brilliant project and so inspiring


Roseanne V. Sabol
Roseanne V. Sabol
Dec 19, 2021

Ahhh… these are beautiful! I wish I’d been a subscriber earlier in this year, but alas, I only found you a few months ago. So glad I did, though! 😘

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