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Updated: Apr 24, 2021

I've had the absolute pleasure over the years to work and create with an amazing range of creatives through my classes at Book Art Studios.

So, I thought it would be nice to offer a platform for people to share what they've learnt as a creative (whether it's through my classes or not!).

You can write up your own questions to ask and answer or you can follow the format of any you see in the blog that you like. It's your space, you can use it however you like!

Sarah Lawn

What’s your name?

Sarah Lawn

Where are you from?

Clarks Beach (just out of Auckland on the Manukau Harbour)

What classes have you attended at Book Art Studios?

Dyed and Gone to Heaven

I Dyed again

Coptic binding

Softcover book (long stitch)

The Return of Me

Book Camp!

More I can’t remember at the moment 🤣

What do you create?

Draw and paint

Make things - including books

What’s your favourite tip for creatives?

This changes all the time. At the moment it’s make sure you balance your inputs with your outputs. You need inspiration to create. You need to create to feed inspiration. Related - Read lots of books. Doesn’t matter what kind. Go for walks in nature. Come back and create.

If you have an online presence, where can we see more of your work?

My Instagram

Veronicah Hampton

Name: Veronicah Hampton

Why is your first name spelled with an 'h'?

I study numerology and astrology and 'h' provides me with freedom and spiritual protection and the ability to create mastery in my life. To me it looks naked without the 'h'.

What type of art do you make? I create art that bring me happiness from being engaged in the process and art that I can bring my own unique voice and signature to.

Do you have a way of working: Yes.

* Early morning start = no distractions

* Walking = visual sensory inspiration

* Observing = thought and reflection and ideas

* Recording = found items / photo's / sketch / text

* Technique = stitch, paper, fabric, thread, glue

* Form = any form - textile works, books, clothes ... it's an endless list.

I work intuitively; sometimes I have a vision of the end product; sometimes only a part of the process that might lead to the end. As well as nature, I'm interested in pattern and light.

What is the question you are currently exploring? "Moving out of Fog" and ideas that we get riveted to. I'm still waiting for the question to form itself.

Which artist would you like to have dinner with? Cai Guo-qiang. He is an artist of light. Check out SkyLadder on Netflix.

Connect with Me:


What's your name?

Jane McGrath

Where are you from?

We live in Pomona, a small village in the Noosa Hinterland on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. My husband and I retired here over 12 months ago, just in time for the “Great Pause’

What do you enjoy creating?

A fabric, yarn and now paper collector, hoarder maybe? My background is teaching Textiles at a tertiary level many many moons ago, now I just dabble and create for family and friends. Probably could add that I’m a workshop groupie, I just love learning from all the wonderful creative people out there who are happy to share their knowledge.

What class/es have you attended at Book Art Studios?

I’ve had the pleasure of doing several classes with Liz, all of them online. Liz’s online classes have been a Godsend for me (and many others) and have opened a whole new world for me. Classes I have done have included The Return of Me - a few times, Dyed and gone to Heaven, Dyed Again, which were paid courses and also a free class demonstrating the use of coffee to stain/dye fabric. I also did a bookbinding class on Coptic Binding. I have learnt so much and am now somewhat addicted to paper and books!

Do you create your work as a hobby or do you sell your work?

My paper and book creations and woven baskets are for myself and gifts, but I sometimes sell my textile work

What's your favourite tip for other creators?

Have faith in your own ability.

Don’t compare your creations to those who have years more experience than you.

And most importantly don’t stop doing what you love❤️

If you have an online presence, where can we see examples of your work?

I’m on Instagram @jane_mcgrath01 I don’t post a lot but keep promising myself I will sometime soon

A little footnote, Like many others last year online classes were a real awakening for me, I tried things I probably would not have previously attempted if I was going to face to face classes. I was intrigued to try something with Liz when I saw her profile in Where Women Create, a fabulous magazine published in the US, she sounded like a fun person to work with, and my hunch was right, I’ve had lots of great guidance and laughs with Liz and all the ladies who have been in classes with me. Thank you Liz, I will be back!!!


What's your name?

Cally Brown

Where are you from?

Raglan, New Zealand

What class or classes have you attended at Book Art Studios?

Too many to remember!

  • Dyed & Gone to Heaven (2 days)

  • Dyed and Gone to Heaven ++ at NZ Fibre Arts (5 days)

  • All the NZ Book Camps (can’t even remember how many there’s been!)

  • I. Dyed. Again. (IRL and online)

  • The Return of Me (3? series)

  • A couple of other short 1 day classes ages ago. Maybe others, I have forgotten….

Do you create as a hobby or do you sell your work?

I create as a hobby. I have sold a few books in the past, but have reached a point where I just give them away or keep them. I sold a handful through Felt, and at our Raglan Creative Market a few years ago, but found I didn’t have the people-skills to handle all the twats who asked ‘why bother when you can just by a nice notebook at The Warehouse?’ or ‘oh that’s nice, but I just buy an exercise book and cover it with leftover wrapping paper – it’s so much cheaper.’

I have decided if someone wants to pay what it’s worth (materials plus minimum wage rates) I’ll sell, but no-one has expressed any wish to do that haha.

What’s your favourite tip for other creators?

Inspiration, techniques, information from classes, books, YouTube etc are great, and can enrich, but the most important thing that I have learned (am still learning) is to allow myself to take all those things and make them part of my personal expression, instead of slavishly doing only what I have been taught.

As I child I learned the importance of following patterns, recipes, instructions exactly, and learned to fear doing anything without being clearly told the right way. My first book making class, 30 years ago, reinforced that, with a teacher who insisted on us following her directions and publicly shaming anyone who made a mistake.

I love working with Liz because, although she teaches skills, techniques etc well, she also encourages self-expression and experimentation. Recently, after sewing clothes for 60 years, I made my first ever garment without a pattern and it felt so great! So, the most important thing for me, is to take the skills you learn gratefully, and then allow yourself to BE in your creating.

If you have an online presence, where can we see examples of your work?

Mostly on Facebook. My photo albums are public so anyone can look. The last few years, my art and craft photos are in albums labeled ‘The Messy Playroom’.

You can find Cally on instagram.

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