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Mini Gallery Comes to Book Art Studios

I don't know how it happened, but a few months ago I stumbled across an article about an artist in Seattle who had built a little gallery and popped it outside her studio. It was intended to be a gallery for the community to exchange and share art. I was instantly taken by the concept and put: "Make a mini gallery" on my list of things to create at woodworking.

I began by printing off a 'blue print' of a cupboard I saw on the internet that I liked the shape of and went from there. Once again, a massive shout out to my woodworking teacher Mr G who always figures out not only the measurements of my projects but the how to make it part! I'm so not there yet.

We began by measuring out all the parts then literally created a kitset of parts that would be constructed.

I never knew just how vital clamps are to a woodworker until I began going to classes.

As this project progressed, the more excited I became. Who would have thought attaching a door could bring such joy!!!

Once the glass was in I had a practice session. I absolutely loved creating the miniature furniture. I practically giggled through the making of the ladder!!

To say my life is enriched looking for art and props for the mini gallery (that I still haven't put outside to share with the community) is an understatement.

But when art began to arrive in the post to 'exhibit' oh my. It made my heart sing!

The gorgeous bunting has been made by Felicite and has come from Christchurch. The beautiful little water colour painting is by Ethel from Ethel's nest and arrived in the post from Warkworth.

The next step is to put this outside and let the community ALSO share it which is what it was actually created for. If you'd love to see your art work in the gallery please send it to me:

Liz Constable,

Book Art Studios,

Ground Floor,

11 Rosier Road,

Glen Eden,

Auckland 0602,

New Zealand.

Please include your website or social media handle so I can tag you! Just so I'm crystal clear, the art work will go in the gallery (for free) for someone to take and enjoy.

Meanwhile, if you want to see who inspired me to create my own mini gallery, you can go here to read about Stacy's, FREE LITTLE ART GALLERY

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