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The Left Brain Artist

Those who know me, know just how much I love to talk!

So a podcast is the best place for someone chatty like me.

Add to the mix an excellent interviewer and it's a match made in heaven.

Therefore, I was very happy to be interviewed recently by Suzanne who has a podcast called: The Left Brain Artist.

Suzanne Redmond is an artist based in Florida, who began her podcast by giving business tips to artists, which you can hear in season one. She's currently looking at reworking these tips into resources that can be used for artists.

I learnt a lot from being interviewed by Suzanne, she was well prepared, a good listener and very generous in her promotion of me and my work. It was lovely to chat with her and Suzanne put me at ease by making me feel like I was just talking with a friend.

We had a face to face interview over the internet and while these things can sometimes be excruciatingly painful and awkward, I can happily tell you, there was none of that!

I love how podcasts, such as The Left Brain Artist, help so many people. It's a win/win/win situation all round. It's a great way for the creative community to learn and grow collectively. I'm hooked on podcasts now (being a guest and listening to Suzanne's starting at the start!).

Without further ado;

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