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When being blue, is good

I can't believe I never thought to create a blog based on colour!

Or one colour, to be more precise.

It's actually quite lovely to see a collection together like this.

Welcome to the blue collection.


My favourite combination, dyed blue paper and a number stamp

I love to dye paper

Gosh, I've lost count of how many notebooks I've made over the years

Come on in number 9, your time is up!

A peek inside a blue book

I don't think I'll ever get tired of working with this colour

Dyed calico never looked so good

White linen thread against the blue, yum.

A commissioned book which you can read more about here

Quote books - I do love this particular one!

I think I can put this forward for the blue collection

Wow, it's been really interesting going back in the archives looking for blue books. During the process I found this video.

I'll have to gather a group of books in another colour now.....

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