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Who doesn't love a good quick furniture makeover?

I do love a trip out to the Helensville recycling centre as I'm always guaranteed a good find and my recent trip did not disappoint! It takes about 40 minutes from my place to get there and as you drive through some beautiful countryside to get there, it's a great adventure.

Imagine my delight then when I found these two old school chairs.

Not bad for $5 (NZ) dollars each!

After I coated the legs in rust paint I sprayed them black and added stars.

Next, I took them to my woodworking teachers shed. I wanted to see what would happen if I took the electric sander to them!

I also had to glue loose bits on.

I really liked the effect of sanding the seat on this one.

I also liked the effect of a shipping chart on the seat of the other one too!

After painting the backs blue using leftover paint from my hallway makeover,

I added some jaunty words!

I work on the premise of, if you don't like something you've created

you can always change it.

Or, update it if your tastes change.

So never be afraid to try.

I love my jaunty chair makeover, partly because it was fast!

But also as it was fun to work on something functional too.

I love seeing quick results especially when I'm working on big meaty projects that seem to take forever to achieve. This helps me me immensely.

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