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New Zealand School Journals

I was recently given a set of old New Zealand School Journals by my lovely friend Christine.

I absolutely LOVE working with these.

So I took one and turned it into a journal by adding my dyed paper

as a thank you gift for Christine.

I absolutely love the art in these school journals, which were created by a range of New Zealand artists, many of whom are very well known now.

I used some of the content for pockets.

More pockets...

I couldn't resist just adding little artistic pictures out of the school journals

into the one I was making

Is this the best picture for a get well card or what?!

The pictures in the school journals are just classic

The pages inside the school journals created the perfect wrapping paper

Christine kindly donated the school journals that were used in my book Re:Create for the Matryoshka book project.

At the time of writing this blog,

I've created some for sale which you can find in my shop!

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