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When the solution is right in front of you!

I'm very fortunate to have a rather large studio space where I can dye paper, create books and teach people (how to make books!).

And yet, I always seemed to have scraps of paper lying around with no home to speak of. I've learnt, that if items have a designated home it makes tidying up a lot faster.

In the middle of a big clean up one day, I dragged out an old tea trolley found on the side of the road and was almost considering moving it on, when it occurred to me, the solution to my bits of paper issue, was right in front of me!

If only I looked at it a bit differently.

I got to work with some cardboard and literally - within 15 minutes I had a designated home for my scraps of paper.

PLUS: There's still so much room for more, given the depth of the trolley.

It's not to the best looking job but it was a quick fix to a problem that needed to be resolved. The trolley itself has a permanent home too, but as it's on wheels it can be wheeled out into the studio if need be.

Often we'll rush out and buy a shiny new thing when all along the solution is right in front of us, if we can just look at something a little differently....!


Did you see the blog I wrote about the paper drying unit I made at woodworking class? This has fast become one of the most used pieces of furniture in my studio.

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Jul 15, 2021

You are SO right! And when your bin is full, you can make packets of your orphan scraps to sell - yes, people buy those!! Make a little extra $$, make we paper addicts happy AND give those orphans a home where they’ll grow up to be useful members of (book) society! Win win win!!❤️❤️❤️

Liz Constable
Liz Constable
Jul 15, 2021
Replying to

Oh I love how you think!!! hahaha. I will bear that in mind - once I've got this stack of orders out the door!!! xxx

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