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Pulleys + drying rack + paper = paper drying solution

What I love about my hobby, woodworking, is how it's helped to solve issues in the studio.

For example:

This is just three of my projects!

So when I decided to create a hanging drying rack with a pulley system to dry papers,

I brought the concept to 'a girls guide to woodworking class', to begin the process.

I can't claim to bring great plans to class. If Mr G (teacher) is lucky, I'll have printed off a picture of something remotely like the vision I have.

But usually I arrive with three measurements: width, height and depth.

I tell him what I want to make and we go from there.

Once the wood's cut to size (ripped and buzzed) to create a kit set, we can get started.

I measured out where everything was going to go,

then got to work doweling, glueing and screwing the frame together.

When I pop over at the weekend to speed the project along,

doughnuts are the entry fee into Mr G's shed!

I had a lot of holes to drill to put the washing line through (to hang the paper on).

Countersinking helped tidy the holes up.

Countersinking is worth the effort.

Next we put the washing line in,

this is before we pulled it taught and put staples in at each end to keep it in place.

Once the wire was pulled taught, it was time to take it home.

I was determined to make it fit in my car!

I wanted to finish this blog with 'wow - look at the result' but this hasn't happened yet. However, it's good to see what happens when you hit speed bumps along the way. At this point in time, I've attached the pulleys and rope system, but it's not sitting right.

Mr G is going to come over and help me with the last leg.

So be sure to come back at some point to see the finished piece!

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Lynn Davis
Lynn Davis
Apr 27, 2023

What a fabulous idea!


Debbie Kahn
Debbie Kahn
Apr 10, 2023

Liz, so what happened with your drying rack?

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